Nuts have earned their place in the kitchen for quite a while now. Just think about pine nuts in salads, or grilled cashew nuts in wok dishes. The last couple of years also less known types of nuts, such as Macadamia and pecans, are gaining in popularity. They upgrade dishes both in flavour, texture and in a visual and nutritional way.

When it comes to beers, a good nut mix is of course essential. You can find both classical as innovative types of nuts in this product range, all packed carefully in our local production areas in packages of 5, 10 and 20 liters.

Don’t forget to check the product range of Culinar Crumbles. These ready-to-eat crumbles add an additional crispy and tasteful dimension to numerous applications!

We can offer a solution for all sections in this market with about 200 own references. The complete product range for wholesalers ensures constant premium quality in a practical and always re-sealable package!

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