Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a shop I can visit? No, Ranobo does not have a shop. We can still refer your to the nearest point of sale. Fill in our contact form and we will send you an answer soon!
  • Are nuts healthy? It is a common fact that nuts are very healthy. But each nut is different: they differ in the amount of vital nutrients they contain. Some types have more omega-3 fats, others have more proteins and some have many antioxidants. Discover in our product range all nutritional values and characteristics for each product!
  • Where do Rabono nuts come from? Nuts are cultivated all over the world, some types only grow in a very specific area (like paranuts) or can only be grown under very specific circumstances to be commercially attractive (like Macademia nuts), while other types can be cultivated in various continents, climates or soils. Our range and the package of each article reflect the specific origin of each type of nut.
  • Do nuts make you fat? Nuts are filled with unsaturated fats. Your body needs those unsaturated fats, like in nuts! It benefits the elasticity of your skin, protects your organs, and benefits the balance of your hormone system, your immune system and the functioning of your brains. As long as you eat them with moderation, they do not make you fat. Two handfuls of nuts, for example, with your muesli or as a snack is just the right amount!
  • I have a complaint or an issue, now what? Customer satisfaction is our priority. Are you unhappy with our services? Does a product not meet your expectations? Do not hesitate to contact us! Send the package with content to the address below and mention your issues in a letter. Do not forget to mention also your contact details and where and when you bought the product. We deal with complaints within 24 hours.
  • What is the best way to preserve nuts? Nuts that have not been preserved well lose their nutrients. It is therefore very important to preserve them well, in a plastic bag or box, for example, with an airtight seal and in the dark. Pantries are perfect! The shelf life of nuts is 3 months once you open the package. Nature nuts can be preserved best.
  • I have a product idea, what can I do? At Ranobo ideas always arise from the market, therefore do not hesitate to share yours. Send us an email or fill in the contact form and we will contact you. Your idea might become reality!