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Slivered almonds


Ranobo slivered almonds are made from the first crops of almonds originated in California. The extra thin slivered almonds are also known as scavings. It is used to finish a dish or to bread. We also love the slivered almonds in a salad: roast them for a few moments in the oven and mingle them into your salad. You'll love the crunch it creates!

This flavorer is also extra healthy. Like all our almondproducts, it contains also lots of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and high-quality proteins.

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Nutritional values100gram

  • Fat55,8g
    • EV Unsaturated34,8g
    • MV Unsaturated14,5g
    • Saturated3,7g
  • Protein21,7g
  • Carbs14,0g
    • Sugar3,8g
    • Added sugar0,0g
    • Starch10,3g
  • Salt0,01g
  • Dietary Fiber7,0g
  • Energy Value2728kJ - 659Kcal


  • OriginUSA


  • Allergensnoten amandelen

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  • EAN Code5420036400691