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Almonds white 200g


Ranobo white almonds or blanched almonds are carefully submerged in boiling water for about one minute. This is how the brown membrane gets removed. The almonds are slightly less crunchy than the brown almonds, but they do color nicely in the oven for example.

Almonds are mostly used in bakery products. Marzipan is a nice example. You probably never saw marzipan or almondpowder with little brown dots? Now you know why: only the white almonds are used for these kind of products.

Overall, the healthy features are the same for the white and the brown almonds. The healthy fats and minerals, like magnesium, phosphor and vitamin B are conserved. Only the vitamin E is lost when being blanched.

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Nutritional values100gram

  • Fat55,8g
    • EV Unsaturated34,8g
    • MV Unsaturated14,5g
    • Saturated3,7g
  • Protein21,7g
  • Carbs14,0g
    • Sugar3,8g
    • Added sugar0,0g
    • Starch10,3g
  • Salt0,01g
  • Dietary Fiber7,0g
  • Energy Value2728 kJ - 659 Kcal


  • OriginUSA


  • Allergensnoten amandelen

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