• 21/10/2019 Recipe of the month: Nut cake Nothing is as cosy as a beautiful autumn day with a fresh piece of nut cake as sweet snack.
    Chef Thomas of restaurant Bouffard shares his recipe here exclusively.
    Ingredients for 8 people:

    - 125g egg yolks
    - 75g sugar
    - 25 invert sugar
    - 325g egg white
    - 100g sugar
    - 55g hazelnut powder
    - 245g almond flour
    - 25g hazelnuts, minced and roasted
    - 25g pine nuts, chopped and roasted
    - 25g pecan nuts, minced and roasted
    - zest of 1/2th lemon, finely chopped
    - 60 g melted butter
    - 40g hazelnut liqueur
    - 100g sieved flour
    - 10g baking powder
    - 45 g peeled pistachios, finely chopped
    - Cake shape of 30cm long


    Beat the egg yolks with 75g sugar and the invert sugar and beat the egg white with the 100g sugar. Mix both.
    Fold in the chopped nuts and the zest.
    Then add the sifted flour, the baking powder and the salt. Finally, add the melted butter and the hazelnut liqueur. Mix everything together until a homogeneous, airy mass is obtained.
    Grease the cake tin and fill the tin with +/- 2 cm of the dough. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in a preheated oven at 160°Celsius.
    Chef Thomas of restaurant Bouffard finished his version of the nut cake with orange and mango sorbet, white chocolate cream, orange gel and nut crumble.

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